Another Thinking Public Session took place, this time within the exhibition ‘Politics of Sharing – On Collective Wisdom’ at ifa Gallery in Stuttgart. Thanks to Elke aus dem Moore and the whole ifa team for the fruitful collaboration. Especially for extending the session by a new format, the ‘Evolutionary Dialogue’. After sharing some material from previous Thinking Public Sessions with kids, economic students, bankers and logistic workers we engaged into intriguing discussions with the Stuttgart session’s audience. Thanks for new perspectives on economy, ways of sharing and critical thinking.

Here you can read some notes we took after the session, reflecting on the experience and discussions.

SAID TO CONTAIN: Thinking Public Session at ifa Gallery, Charlottenplatz 17, Stuttgart / Tue 27.9. / 19.00 -21.00 

photographs by Miriam Walther Kohn


  1. Matthias

    Thank you for the very interesting and inspiring evening. Even books from Asia are trapped in containers on ships on the high seas


  2. Matthias

    COMPLEX FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS regen auch andere Menschen an: im war im Juni 2016 eine Aktion von G Douglas Barrett und Leigh Claire La Berge


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