Thinking Public Session at MINE YOURS OURS FESTIVAL, Rijeka

In April 2017 we spend a beautiful, intense week in Rijeka, Croatia, during the MINE YOURS OURS Festival. Together with our local colleagues from Drugo more we hosted two Thinking Public Sessions in the port and a Nomadic Thinking Public Session with seafarers and unionists of the port of Rijeka. We learned about the transformation of labor conditions in the port from Ex-Yugoslavia’s 1950s workers’ self-management up to today’s status quo, where the port is run by a Manila-based international company.

Read the review by Bernard Koludrović ( here (in Croatian):

21. & 22.4. 2017, Rijeka, Moje, tvoje, naše/Mine, yours, ours Festival

Thinking Public Sessions performed by Bojan Djordjev, Maja Leo & Stephan Stock

The performance in Rijeka was kindly supported by Pro Helvetia.

Pictures by Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more

MTN 2017, drugi dan - 63MTN 2017, drugi dan - 65MTN 2017, drugi dan - 83MTN 2017, drugi dan - 87MTN 2017, drugi dan - 94MTN 2017, drugi dan - 89MTN 2017, drugi dan - 115MTN 2017, drugi dan - 103MTN 2017, drugi dan - 119MTN 2017, drugi dan - 131MTN 2017, drugi dan - 133MTN 2017, drugi dan - 135MTN 2017, drugi dan - 148MTN 2017, drugi dan - 155MTN 2017, drugi dan - 160MTN 2017, drugi dan - 157

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