SAID TO CONTAIN: Premiere in Zurich

thinking public sessions: June 10+14+16+17 at 19:30h

“Said to contain” is the contract-term used by shipping companies to accept containers for transport without verifying their contents.
SAID TO CONTAIN: is also a performance project initiated by Laura Kalauz, Maja Leo and Bojan Djordjev. They shipped themselves from Hamburg to Buenos Aires on a cargo ship following the logistics supermachine for 23 days in March and April 2016.
Piercing the opaque shell of global capitalism SAID TO CONTAIN: looks at how the production, consumption and flow of goods shape our way of being, thinking and living.
During May and June 2016 SAID TO CONTAIN: sets up a container in Zurich as an anchor for dialogue and performative production of knowledge: Thinking Public Sessions.
After nomadic sessions with economy students, schoolchildren, bankers and logistics workers, we invite the general audience for our premiere sessions:
Friday 10.06, Tuesday 14.06, Thursday 16.06. and Friday 17.06.
at 19:30,  container at Toni Areal
(under the railway-bridge besides the Toni Areal (ZHdK), Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Tram 4, Stop “Toni Areal”)
by and with: Bojan Djordjev, Laura Kalauz, Christopher Kriese, Maja Leo, Rada Leu, Miriam Walther Kohn, Lisa Schröter
collaboration of: Neue Dringlichkeit + Nada Espezial Tanz
powered by: Counterspace, Zürich; Walking Theory/Magacin u Kraljevića Marka, Belgrade; La Darsena, Buenos Aires
supported by: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste; Stadt Zürich – Kultur; Ernst Göhner Stiftung; Migros Kulturprozent

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