Thinking Public Session at NEW NARRATIVES Summit

For the New Narratives Summit we proposed a peripatetic key-note, a walk and talk on container studies and counter logistics. We invited the participants of our Thinking Public Session to join us on a tour to the closest cargo container, that was situated at Kunstverein Wagenhallen where containers are used as temporary art and office spaces. Around the container, we talked about how containerization has changed the face of global trading and reshaped the world on economic, functional and architectural levels. We then took off for a reverse guided tour to Stuttgart’s logistic hub Stuttgart 21, in order to also include a local perspective into our scope. As we were neither local, nor experts on the specific Stuttgart 21 situation, we prepared a set of questions to ask, instead of providing information. Those questions served as starting points for our consequent collective speculation on counter logistics, where we speculated about alternative scenarios for trading and logistics, using the specific local angle of Stuttgart as a concrete example and starting point.


Pictures by Julia Schmutz

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